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Since 2002, I have been engaged in intense multimedia projects, which have required the constant use
of my design and technology skills to achieve maximum impact and ease of use. The scope and range of the materials I produced is genuinely extraordinary. As this projects have concluded, I’m looking for a new position that will broaden my experience base and provide a positive professional environment.

Besides having an excellent foundation in multimedia design and computer science, I also bring to the
job the following attributes:
  • firm foundation of graphic design

  • outstanding understanding of how and when to use multimedia tools and techniques

  • extensive experience with using multimedia programs to accomplish virtually any graphic goal

  • excellent understanding of how to use technology to impact various target audiences

  • exceptional ability to work collaboratively with others

  • accomplished at managing multiple tasks to accomplish time-sensitive deadlines

  • ability to work independently

  • experienced at establishing production schedules and managing work flow

  • enthusiastic team player, motivated worker, and committed to high quality results

The position I seek is in a professional environment where opportunity, achievement, and excellence are
the key goals. I believe my professional experience shows a genuine commitment to creating exciting
visual materials.